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Identifying business opportunities in new markets and industries can be a challenging process. In order to create a successful business development model that turns the market entry of companies into profits in the most optimal way, gaining access to accurate information and an extensive network of knowledgeable people that know the local market is a must. In order to save on investment costs New Amsterdam has specialized in providing private companies and industry associations with assistance and advice to penetrate specific industries in the United States, The United Nations and World Bank in an effective way.

New Amsterdam services are split up for the U.S. market and the United Nations and World Bank Market. Please click on the market of your interest to learn more about our specific services for that market.

U.S. Market

Companies, trade- and government organizations that want to explore business opportunities on the US market can consult New Amsterdam for the following services: Market Analysis, US Office Support, Strategic Sourcing, Representation, US Trade Mission.

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U.N. Market

The United Nations is one of the largest buyers of public goods and services in the world. We offer an extensive spectrum of services, diverging from: Market Research, Representation, Organizing Trade Missions and Seminars.

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The World Bank

Similar to The United Nations, The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. The services provided for The World Bank are similar to the ones for The United Nations.

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